God at the Mall

Today Bethany and I went to the mall to invite people to our upcoming New Sound Conference. While walking up to complete strangers may seem intimidating, Holy Spirit was with us, and it was so much fun! One kid we handed a flier to said he doesn’t believe in God and he handed it back and started walking away. Bethany responded, “Awesome! You should come!” and I added, “Aren’t you curious to see if there could be a God?” to which he said, “There are starving kids in Africa. If there is a God, why doesn’t He care about them?” I told him God does care and Bethany and I have both been to Africa to show them that He cares. The boy came back, took a flier, and said “Maybe I will come. Maybe it will change my life.” and then walked away. Praise God!
Then after we talked to another group of people, a man came up and asked if we were sharing the gospel and inviting people to church. Not sure why he was asking, we told him about the conference and why we were there, and he said he was starting a youth ministry, and wanted to bless us with lunch for what we were doing and handed us $20. He also took a bunch of fliers for his youth and said they would try to come! This was after Lawrence said he’d buy us Chipotle for lunch (Thanks, Lawrence!), so the Lord blessed us with a double portion, and we used the $20 for gas money and delicious frozen yogurt! Thanks, Father God!