Freedom From Nightmares

Our 4 year old daughter had always been a light sleeper. From the time she was about 2 years old, she also had frequent nightmares. She would cry out in her sleep a few times a night and some of those times, she would wake up crying from scary dreams. She would tell us that she saw “oo-guys” (her way of saying bad guys) in these dreams or in her room. These dreams bothered us but we felt powerless. After, learning more about our authority in Christ and His delivering power, we began to intensely pray over our daughter, her room, and these dreams. We prayed for a few nights but the nightmares remained. We continued to pray and felt lead to also fast. One night during one of her nightmares, my husband began to pray over her under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Our daughter fell into a peaceful sleep instantly (which is a miracle too…because the prayer was not exactly quiet)…she slept the rest of the night peacefully and has every night since for the past four or five months!!!! Thank you Jesus!