Foot Healed at Jackson High

THIS IS AMAZING! Last Tuesday I was at Jackson High School headed to our IMPACT outreach, and I passed a girl who had crutches and a temporary cast on her foot. I walked over to her and started talking to her. I got to tell her how much God loves her and I got to pray for her foot to be healed. She couldn’t feel a difference in that moment because the cast restricted her from moving her foot, but she thanked me and went on her way. Then today the teacher who hosts IMPACT in his room said that one of his students¬†came up to him after class last Wednesday and told him that a girl headed to his room the day before prayed for her foot and when she went home she took off her cast and her foot was pain free! She said it felt 100% better than it had that morning!¬†Wow!! God is a healer and He is AMAZING! He is so good and I’m excited to see many more touched by Gods radical crazy love! Do it again, Jesus!