Flu and ear infection healed

During the corporate fast in February Pastor Mary Pat declared that we would see many healings during the fast.  I witnessed four first hand over the course of four days.  On Thursday of the fast my dad had a really bad cold and I prayed for him.  The next day he called and told me that he was completely better.  One of my co-workers had a headache on Friday of the fast and was looking for some pain killers.  I asked if I could pray for him and he agreed.  So I prayed and he ended up not needing to take any painkillers because the headache was gone.  On Saturday night Joshua had a very high fever and was complaining that his ear hurt.  Normally I have to take him to the doctor to get antibiotics for an ear infection before the fever goes away.  That night I laid hands on him and the next morning the fever was completely gone and he wasn’t complaining about his ears.  Thank you Lord that I didn’t have to end up taking him to the doctor!  On the same Sunday that Joshua woke up healed my dad was coming down with yet another sickness.  He was having stomach flu symptoms so again I prayed for him and he text me the next morning letting me know that he was feeling completley better and that all sickness was gone!  Thank you Jesus!