Financial Overflow

At the end of 2009 I strongly believed that I would see God mightily moving in the year 2010. However, times seemed to be tough for my family. The ‘economic recession’ seemed to getting worse. My dad lost his job in November and when he found one he had to take a pay cut. My mom lost hours at her work. My internship ended in January and so would my only source of income. Not only did less money seem to come at the start of 2010; but the future started to look a little pricy. In the summer, my brother will be entering the school of Pharmacy (huge tuition increase), my sister will be getting married, and I will be going on a mission’s trip. Even the transmission in my brother’s car gave out and we would have to worry about buying another one. If that wasn’t bad enough, God continually called me to give money out to people who needed it more than me.

Two weeks ago, I received an e-mail at 3:30pm stating that the Timken Company was looking for summer interns. All cover letters and resumes had to be submitted by 5pm that day. I had never actually written a cover letter before; but, God helped me finish one in under an hour. Since I am double majoring, I have always been a little behind on my computer classes; but, I still got asked for an interview. I am really interested in Timken and their IT team; but, I knew that there were many more qualified interns than me. However, this didn’t really matter because I had God on my side and He wanted to help me pay for my summer mission’s trip. They offered me a position that will pay over double what I would have been making at my job back home! They even said that it would be ok for me to miss three straight weeks to go on our missions trip!

I also got blessed with a check for being the ‘Most Outstanding CSIS major’ in my class (even though I have only taken one computer class in the past two semesters and I did not have the highest GPA in my major, which is usually the only criteria in getting the award). The amount of the money was surprising as well. The Chemistry department gave out around $250 to one student. The Political Science department only gave out $115. My department gave me a little over $1,100! Thank you God for helping me go to Africa!

God has also been showing His favor on my brother, Jordan, in this season. A week ago, he became vice president of his class (which pays full tuition for his next year) and he received a $4,000 scholarship that he filled out the night before.

God has sent His financial blessings to my parents and my sister. My parents were expecting a tax return $800 and my sister $1,100 from the government. My parents ended up getting $2,000 back while my sister got $4,000 back from the government! Thank you Father for all of your financial provision, may your blessings continue to flow to all your children!