Fasting and Prayer Brings Healing

My 81-year-old mom had been dealing with some serious health issues for the last six months.  Both her esophagus and the top third to half of her stomach had been badly damaged.  The  natural healing process had been hindered by the fact that her esophagus was kinked in a couple of places and that her stomach was twisted and not resting in its rightful place in her abdominal cavity.  She had been put on some potent drugs to handle symptoms and pain.  Her energy resources were low as she could eat only two tablespoons of soft food every two hours.  Often following these tiny meals, she would have to lie down to aid in the movement of food through the digestive system and to alleviate painful symptoms.  Her doctors’ goal was to get her healthy enough to withstand surgery to remove the kinks of the esophagus, untwist her stomach, and return the stomach to its designated place in her abdomen.I shared with my mom that during our Global Bridegroom Fast and Watch of the Lord at Frontline Worship Center that I would be holding her in prayer. 
The Monday following the fast and all-night prayer watch, Mom called me to share an amazing story of healing.  She was experiencing full restoration of energy and was feeling so well that she had forgotten to take her medicines, which she had so desparately needed previously.  She felt well and healthy again.  She knew that she had received a supernatural healing through the hand of God!  How awesome that the healing occurred during that time when prayer and fasting were being employed on her behalf!  She has a testimony and she is using it!  Thank You, dear Lord!