Family Saved During Outreach

Pastor Mary Pat was helping me learn about giving prophetic words to people. At our “personal picture” booth, I went up to a man and asked if he liked the art here.  He said that it was very nice and he was actually an artist himself.  At first he didn’t want a picture drawn for himself, but as we talked he changed his mind so I went to start the picture. During that time Pastor Mary Pat shared with the man and his wife and was able to pray with them for salvation.

In the meantime, I was stressing out about what I was going to draw.  Then I saw a picture of whirlwinds and gusts of wind so I started drawing that on the paper with blues, dark blues and grays. Then I saw a red heart, which is where the wind was coming from.  I gave the picture to the man, but I really had no idea what it meant until he took the picture out of my hand.  Then a lightbulb went off in my head to tell him what it meant.  The picture was showing that he was going to be “blowing peoples’ minds” with whatever he was going to do in the future and he was going to be doing those things out of love.  The man teared up when I was telling him this.

Just then his daughter came up to where we were talking with her personal picture of a giraffe.   I took the picture and shared with the mother and father what the picture meant for them – which was that the giraffe had a very strong neck to keep the head up and that their daughter would help keep them strong and together in the Lord.  The man told me that I was wise beyond my years and asked where I was getting the things I was saying – I just pointed up toward God.

I also drew a picture of a backbone for this little boy who was a Christian and the spine or backbone meant that God was going to give him this strong backbone and back him up so he would be strong in his witness, testimony and Christian walk.  The kid told me that there was something missing in the picture.  I told him he was right and I started drawing nerve endings coming off the spine in all kinds of colors coming of the backbone and the colors coming off the backbone were touching people and whoever they touched were filled up with love and joy.  The boy was astonished and said that it was right.