Encounter through Healing

God’s so great!!! I was sitting in class the other day and the girl sitting next to me showed signs that she wasn’t feeling good because she was sniffing and coughing. I asked her if she was feeling ok, and she told me she had a cold and her throat hurt. I shared a testimony of praying for my friend who had allergies and God healing her. Her eyes got wide from the testimony and she was astonished that something so supernatural could happen. I asked her if she knew God or had an encounter with Jesus before. She said she believed God existed but didn’t know Him personally. I shared with her who He is and that she can know and encounter Him. She then let me pray for her and after praying, she swallowed and said her throat felt better!!! I told her that was Jesus and that healing is a part of encountering Him. It’s so awesome that we can lead people into encountering the Creator of the universe!!! YAY JESUS!!!!!