Elbow Pain Gone

Last Tuesday night I was in the office when Leslie came in.  She was talking about pain in her right arm, telling us how it was difficult for her to pick up even a coffee mug.  Her daughter asked if a couple of us would pray for her.  You know, God is so good, He is raising up sons and daughters for His name.  As I prayed for Leslie I simply followed the direction of the Holy Spirit.  I asked her what was happening and she would tell me.  Now sometimes nothing was happening, and I would continue asking Holy Spirit to come, but more times than not something would happen.  In Leslie’s situation the pain was primarily in her forearm and hand.  I prayed and the pain moved all the way up into her shoulder.  All the way up Leslie would confirm the pain was lessening or leaving.  By the end she was able to lift a full Gatorade bottle with her right hand with very little pain.  I prayed until the pain stopped moving and left altogether.  I simply stood on the promises God has given to us His children.  I am convinced our heavenly Father desires for heaven to come to earth and healing to be released just like it was for Leslie.