Doors Open for Nursing School

I have been trying to get into nursing school because it’s something I feel called to do and has been a desire of my heart since I was very little. Back in February, I applied to both the Kent State Stark and Kent State Tusc campus programs. When I did, I got the news that I didn’t quite qualify, due to a math class I would have to retake to even qualify to be on the “ready list”- a list comprised of students who qualify, but weren’t yet accepted to the program.  At that point, the only way to be admitted is for someone to drop out or lose their place. I was pretty disappointed, but I went ahead and signed up for the class.  I called a week after the class was over to make sure that I had qualified and was put on the ready list.  Yesterday I got a call from the school that I had been admitted to the nursing program! Thank you God for favor and speed! God is sssosoooooooo good!