Digestive Pains Leave!

Last summer in 2006, I went to FWC on I believe it was a Sunday night.  I had recently been experiencing pains near and around the areas of my appendix. No one…really knew anything about it because I was just getting ready to leave for France as an exchange student…and was leaving in less than two weeks. I went to my doctor and told her my problems–that it hurt when I ate, that it felt like I was always sick to my stomach, and that it hurt to digest food period. She said my appendix area felt a little tender and that I should get an ultrasound done ASAP to see if I would need to get it removed before leaving.  Of course, that would be hard to do in a week.

That Sunday I went to FWC with two other friends and experienced a spiritually enriching time, experiencing church in a way I never had before. After the service we all went out to Applebee’s. Well I love that place, but the thought of eating was not appealing to me because I knew the pain I would go through moments later. I told Tiana and Jill, who were sitting by at the table, about my appendix and that I would be going for an ultrasound the next day or so to see what was wrong.  I had never personally been in a church where people would just ask, “Can I pray for you, touch where it hurts and pray over you?” So when Tiana asked where it hurt and if I minded if she just placed her hand over it and prayed for me, I was taken back with joy and said, “yea, sure.”  Tiana and Jill both prayed for me right there in Applebees, not a big noticable thing but just sorta quietly and so sincerely and faithfilled… I never really felt so close to other Christians so quickly before as I had right then. God showed them I needed prayer and so they prayed for me.  So automatic– their impulse and urge to be in prayer– it moved me. I didn’t experience any pain that night after eating and was able to digest everything without a tinge of pain.  The next day at the ultrasound, I was given a perfect clean bill of health to go to France and the tenderness on my appendix and all the pain was gone and has never come back since then. I knew it wasn’t by chance– God healed me that night right there at the table in Applebees due to three faith-filled believers gathering together in prayer. I left for France the next week with no health problems to speak of–God answers prayers and works miracles everyday!