Cough and Congestion Leave!

Last week, I was sitting in class and a girl behind me, Danielle, was coughing and her cough sounded really bad. When class ended, I asked her about it, and she told me that she had been dealing with it all week and that was the reason why she wasn’t in class the previous day.

I laid my hand on her chest and commanded healing into her lungs. I asked her if there was a difference, and she said no, there wasn’t, so we walked down the hallway and I told her testimonies of healings I’ve seen God do and asked if I could pray one more time.  She said yes, so in the middle of the hall I began praying again and she said that she still felt no change. I felt the power of God move through me so I knew something happened so I told her to walk it out and that it will start feeling better.

In class today she grabbed me and with big eyes and a huge smile she told me that after I left her her lungs cleared up completely, and her nose (which I didn’t even pray for) instantly cleared up and she was made completly well! She told me she ran to her friend and told her friend all that happened- how I prayed for her twice and when walking away feeling completly better. Wow! I’m so amazed!! Jesus do it again!