Cold/Flu Symptoms Leave During Worship

Today, I woke up a bit groggy and went to my classes as normal and then after classes were over I started to feel really exhausted. I started to get sick and my stomach was hurting, I got a sore throat and my nose was stuffy. I was barely able to stay awake. I went to dinner and ate a little, but still felt really sick and dragged myself back to my dorm, wondering if i could go to worship later. I took a 40 min nap and woke up and went to Frontline Worship Center for Upper Room worship. I thought I was going to just have to sit down and worship tonight. Then on the way there Justin prayed over me and I gradually started feeling better. Then worship started and I felt fantastic and danced around, was jumping up and down and praising the Lord! I had so much energy! And the energy has stayed and the sickness has left!