Co-worker’s mother healed of fever

Last week a co-worker came to me while I was working the drive-thru at McDonalds where I work. She told me her mother, who was currently being hospitalized for a leg amputation, had contracted a bad fever. This fever was a surprise and the family didn’t care for the fact their mother may have infection in her body. My co-worker “D,” spoke up in the presence of everyone there and says, “Mom, Peter done prayed for you, now this fever can’t stay!”
Apparently a small elderly woman in the bed next to hers spoke up and said, “You need to do what Peter said to do!” That woman came over and prayed with D’s mom. Then D told me as she was walking off, “you know, that night, that fever left.” Praise God!
The week before D came in on a Thursday night and it was apparent that she had been crying. I came alongside her while she was standing behind our front counter in her nightgown. I asked her if someone had passed away?” She shook her head, so I asked how her brother was doing. “Good,” she said. Then she told me her mom wasn’t doing well and the doctors were telling her they were going to have to take her leg. This was very hard for D and she began to cry. I took her aside and asked if she would agree with me for no ill-affects and for this affliction to leave her mother’s body. She stood there with me at the front counter as I took authority over the spirit of infirmity and affliction, and released peace and healing over her mom and her family through the blood of Jesus. She was afraid of losing her mom, so we were able to break the power of that fear through the loving name of Jesus.
D left that night, her arms full of food and refreshments for all of her family who were all at home awaiting her return. As demonstrated by the testimony from the hospital, D was greatly touched by prayer and the love of Jesus through our heavenly Father.