Children pray, Jesus heals ear

During our Sunday school class today I talked with the kids about prayer. At the end of our class time I asked each child if they had a request we could pray for, and of course, they did. Some of them wanted to pray for their families, or parents, or the mission team from church that is currently in Africa. MaKenzie, however, asked if we could pray for her ear–she’s had a middle ear infection and swimmer’s ear, both in the left ear. I asked if it hurt “right now”, and it did, so we gathered up the girls from the class first to lay hands on her, and then the boys came in around the girls, and explained that Jesus tells us that when we lay hands on the sick, they will recover. Several of the girls prayed for her ear, that Jesus would come heal her ear. We commanded the infection to leave and went on with class. Only 4 or 5 minutes went by before MaKenzie was tapping on my arm to let me know her ear didn’t hurt anymore! It’s incredible to see Jesus respond to the faith of little children!