Changed by Love

While at work Saturday I received a call from one of our drivers. She was very disturbed, frustrated and angry towards a way one of our customers had been treating her. She really wanted me to see just how bad it was and was going to record this man with her phone and send it to me. I offered an insight and suggested she offer kindness instead… adding: we don’t know what he is walking through in life. She called back 5 minutes later with a proof of delivery; and nearly crying she shared with me the outcome of her kindness. Her testimony follows: I offered him kindness and as a result he opened up his life, sharing that his wife was dying of cancer and that this job was becoming very stressful for him. He apologized for his actions toward her. I was amazed of the turn-around and offered prayer to comfort her heart. In acceptance we invited the Father to come and mend her heart and heal this man’s wife and heal his heart. The driver was so encouraged by seeing Jesus in action. Her perspective completely shifted that morning. This so Wow’d the driver and offered a level of customer service she had never witnessed. And all of us went away changed by Love.