C.O.O.L. Community Outreach Of Love!

C.O.O.L day, June 5th, 2010, hundreds of volunteers from churches, organizations, and citizens of Canton, Ohio, joined together to spread the love of Christ throughout their surrounding neighborhoods. This video, shot and edited by volunteers, Shadow Studios, and Castleview Media, tells the story of what it means to be ruined for the ordinary.


Frontline Ministries participated in a community-wide outreach of over 1,100 Christians mobilizing on Saturday, June 5, to show the practical and supernatural love of Jesus Christ in an inner-city neighborhood in Canton, Ohio. Specifically, Frontline was asked to minister to some of the neediest including a possible “prostitute house.”  We were able to minister to these families by planting seeds of love.  God blessed each occupant incredibly as we had a chance to minister the love of Jesus and practically impact their properties.  Great hope was shared and tears of joy came forth.  We thank God for the chance to make a local impact!