Bringing God’s Healing Power to CA

My wife and I were just in California visiting my family. While there, we drove to the beach one day and my grandma was experiencing stomach pain on the way there. We prayed in the car for her and by the next day, she was completely better! She said afterwards that she was so touched by the prayer and I’ve never heard her express gratitude for prayer to that extent before.

A couple days later, my aunt, who is retired from the Army, was asked to speak at my sister’s graduation ceremony at the Army’s Defense Language Institute, in Monterey, CA. She was sort of nervous and also had a very bad headache. She asked me to pray for her and after the prayer, the headache was completely gone and she felt total peace. She also found out later that she didn’t have to speak after all and was so relieved. Thank You Lord! You are so good!

-Mike and Jaimie