Body pains healed instantly

I woke up at 5 in the morning really sick last week. I laid in bed for hours, not wanting to move my body, I was not feeling good. I threw up, but after throwing up I again felt horrible. I laid in bed crying, praising Jesus, and singing to my Lord. I felt His presence come beside me and the pain aleviated. I texted PMP earlier but I was down in my basement where my phone doesn’t get reception, ev…er. Even that morning others tried calling but none came thru. PMP called and I picked it up. We talked for ten minutes without any problem- that has never happened before. My body was instantly healed, all the pain was gone. I jumped out of bed leaped in the air and ran up 2 flights of steps! Totally healed! I made it to class 15 minutes late but got to share my testimony with some of the people in my class! God gets all the glory for this one! Hallelujah!