Arm Healed Completely – Astounds Doctors

Earlier this year during a Friday night outreach God gave me a picture of a young man in a cast.  He was showing me that we would run into this person durin the course of the night and God impressed on me strongly that we were to pray for this young man’s arm for complete healing.  I knew God would come through, as He always does, and at the end of the night there up against a building on a street corner stood a young man with his arm in a cast.

I heard God speak to me and say “go and pray for him!”  The young man, Ryan, was completely open to prayer and we shared with him that God gave us a picture of him in the cast before we even arrived.  We knew God wanted to touch him with His love and healing power that night.  We prayed for him and trusted that God would move in Ryan’s heart and bring healing and complete restoration for his arm.  

This past Friday, at our First Friday outreach, we saw Ryan in the exact same spot we met him the first time – he was directly across from our “personal picture” booth!  Peter and I went over to talk to him and he shared how the doctors were amazed by the mobility in his arm.  They had said he would not be able to do much with his arm ever again because of the severity of the breaks.  He shared how his arm was nearly 100% healed and he is believing God will finish the healing.  He shared how this experience caused him to start to go to church with his girlfriend and how God is stirring his heart!  We rejoiced with him for God’s goodness and encouraged him to keep seeing the Lord.  Praise God for bringing heaven to earth for Ryan!