A Woman’s Arthritis Pain Diminishes

While at Total Living Center the team and I were going through some songs for worship.  As we were singing I saw a woman leaning over to the man next to her it looked like perhaps she was soothing his headache. That was not the case, but while I was there I asked if there was any specific needs either of them had in their physical bodies that needed prayer. Joyce told me of her arthritis and the pain it caused her. She told me she was in constant pain and on a scale of 10 it was an 8. As I prayed I encouraged them to continue in worship. I could sense something was happening in her body. She said the pain was lessening. I got a word of knowledge that came as a sense for her knees, particularly her right knee. She told me she had pain in her knees for six years, due in part to a dysfunction in her body that began as a young lady. As I prayed she reported the pain was lessening in both her hip/thigh and knees.

I went back to lead worship and told her that I would be back to see what the Lord was doing. After the service she testified to the lessening of pain, and Don, who had sat next to her for years testified that she usually can’t sit still, but today she could. She knew a healing work was begun in her today and we praised the Lord together.