Healing unto the Household

This morning when I woke up and got out of bed, my back hurt as if a muscle was pulled, though I didn’t remember doing anything that would cause that. I sat down at my computer to type┬ámy message for our Easter outreach at Legends Nursing Home, and as I started typing the pain got worse to a point where I had to sit in a certain position to prevent pain. After an hour of struggling with this, my daughter woke up & I asked her to pray for me. As she began to pray, I felt heat from her hand and it was 70% healed. Then I asked her to pray for completion, and when she did, the pain left 95%, and I was able to continue working! Then a few hours later my daughter had a stomach ache & asked me to pray for her. When I did, she was completly healed….

Thank you Lord for Your healing power that can go through us big & little children!!! You provide the power, we get to enjoy the process!!!! You’re such a fun God!!!