A Great Ending to A Great Day!

After an amazing “Gift of Christmas” today, I got back to the church from dropping people off at the YWCA & had a slight headache. I rebuked it & tried to ignore it as I finished up some things at the church, but it didn’t go away so I asked friends to pray for me. 3 friendsĀ surrounded me and all laid their hands on me. After one friend prayed out just one sentence, my headache lifted completely!! As she continued to pray, I was filled with joy and touched by God even more! He is SUUUUUCH a good Papa and cares so much about our every need! After an absolutely incredible day of seeing God pour out blessing, love, freedom, and healing on so many of His precious children, and witnessing many of them give their lives to Jesus (what a privilege!), this healing was absolutely the cherry on top! Our God is SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!