Teenage Girls Eager To Receive

On Saturday, we took some time to invite people on both sides of the favella to our final church service on Sunday evening. During that time, we also invited several of the teenage girls from the discipleship group to go with us to Casa de Jesus’ Saturday night service at the main branch in the city. A few of them wanted to go, but when the bus arrived we couldn’t find them and had to leave without them. We were disappointed, because they are at a point where God is speaking some very clear things to them, and we knew that God wanted to demonstrate His love to them that night during the church service. Two-thirds of the way through the service, three of the girls suddenly walked in and sat down! They wanted to go so much that they had taken a public bus to get there. Carl was preaching a message on the intentions of the heart, and the words he was speaking at the time spoke to their personal situations. We praise the Lord for all that He is doing in their lives, and we are praying that what He is speaking to their hearts will be fruit that remains.