A Visit to Joquebedi’s Church Sunday night

On Sunday night the team ministered at our friend Joquebedi’s home church. Joquebedi is joining our Mozambique mission team for the third time this summer. The team started with a new worship dance and “The One” drama (with help from some of our Brazilian team members) to visually display the power of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Carly followed with a heartfelt encouragement to give up the things of the world and to fully lay your life down for Jesus, as He did for us.  Then Troy shared a lively message centered around Isaiah 61, the goodness of God, and stepping into all that God has for you.  Later, the anointing flowed as Mike mightily sang out “Bom, Bom Pai” (Good, Good Father) to shift the atmosphere as the team prayed for people. The church members were encouraged to step out of their comfort zone to receive prayer and healing from both physical and emotional bondage.  During this time a man was healed of pain in both of his legs! Then, a man and his wife testified that a growth on his back diminished in size and the pain associated with it left as Troy and several youth prayed for him. Also, Theresa had a word of knowledge about a woman experiencing the loss of a loved one. The woman cried as she received prayer for the loss of her husband 6 months prior. As the Lord touched her heart, she visibly displayed joy for the first time since the loss. Lastly, a young man named Alex received Jesus into his heart and also experienced a touch from the Holy Spirit. It was beautiful to see so many experiencing God in a fresh, new way.