Sunshine Iris Soccer Academy & Freedom in the Bush

This afternoon, we had the privilege of going to Zimpeto to meet with some of the young men involved with Sunshine Iris Soccer Academy. Knowing they have come from destitute situations, Pastor Mary Pat passionately shared with them that God is smiling down at them and He has a plan for each of their lives. They listened intently as she spoke God’s given identity and destiny into them. Then the team had some time to kick soccer balls around with them and see their impressive ball-handling skills. They are truly talented young men and we look forward to seeing how God will continue to work in their lives!

To get us to our next destination, our driver Jose veered off the paved highway onto a sandy road that led deep into the bush. Our team was amazed how God prevented flat tires as we navigated large divots and sharp turns, feeling like we were on an amusement park Safari ride. We could tell we were heading to a very special place in God’s heart to meet a treasured group of people. Entering the church site we were warmly welcomed with hand shakes and worshipful songs. Great joy was released and peace was felt as we exchanged greetings.

During our crusade, we did drama and dance to share what was on the Father’s heart. After a presentation of the Gospel, 44 people that were there prayed to accept Christ As their Lord and Savior! This flowed into words of knowledge released from various team members, which lead into deliverance and physical and emotional healing. There was a man who had back pain for 5 years who was instantly healed. Another woman had leg pain for 1 year and testified that there was no more pain in her body. Finally, tears were shed as 13 adults and 4 children got freedom from witchcraft, addiction, pain and unforgiveness from past abuse. It was a beautiful night of God demonstrating His love and touching the hearts of many, in a way that only He is able to do!