Sunday, November 10, 2019 – Côte d’iVoire

For Sunday morning service, our team split up into 3 groups in order to visit multiple churches.

Josh and Carly went to a house church led by a man named Pastor Jacob. Josh shared that when we run the race of our lives with Jesus, he is there to help us through obstacles that we face. The people were encouraged as they heard about the joy, peace, and love that will give them strength to overcome trials and finish strong. Pastor Jacob said that us being there was an answer to their prayers. After service, they had the chance to pray for some older women that lived nearby. Josh prayed for a woman who had joint, head, and eye pain. She said it was the worst at night, so she would report back to Pastor Jacob the next morning if it was healed. Carly prayed for a woman who had a headche and she said it was gone after the prayer! Praise God!

Pastor Mary Pat, Rachel, and Audrey ministered at the CMA church that will be hosting our Kingdom Bible School this week. PMP preached about truly giving your life to Jesus as seen in Luke 18:18-34 (the account of the rich young ruler). Everyone raised their hand to indicate that they wanted to pray and give their lives to Jesus in this way. Afterward, we joined Pastor Samuel and Mama Vera at another church, where Pastor Samuel shared about the miracle of healing we saw last year in Cote D’Ivoire, when a young man named Jeremiah was at the point of death, but was healed after we spent time praying with him and he gave his life to Jesus. PMP then asked if there were those in attendance who wanted to truly give their lives to Jesus, and again, everyone prayed out to give their lives to the Lord.

Pastor Bill and Ashley went to speak at a conference at Pastor Elijah’s church. There were different pastors and church members in attendance that traveled from many kilometers away. We were welcomed with an energized greeting of song and dance. Pastor Bill circled around the seats of people and shared excitedly with them about the dunamis power of Jesus. The people were so excited with hearing about this power that Jesus has given us. They also heard about the 700 names and titles of God and the joy of the Lord. The joy was released as Pastor Bill lead the song ”The Enemy Is Done,” and the people joined in by dancing, singing, and clapping. After the church service, Pastor Bill and Ashley had an opportunity to go to Mary Helen’s parent’s house. They shared testimonies about “kicking the enemy in the teeth” and encouraged the church leaders who were participating in the conference. As they left, the people provided them with a beautiful farewell of handshakes, songs, and smiles.