Sunday night at Redimidos Church in Guarulhos. Our 4th visit.

Jesus crashed into Redimidos with a volcanic eruption of his fiery love. All responded to the invitation to fall in love with Jesus, some for the first time, anothers for a deeper renewel.

It was a glorious night of angelic visitation as hearts were stirred, restored and filled to overflowing. Many burned with His holy fire and will never be the same. Enjoy the pictures, videos and visions recorded. Jo and Amanda came with us and were awesome! Jo backed PMP up with her guittar and voice.


Vinicius Augusto (Redimidos church´s) who is a prophetic seer/ visionary at the church. Who has weighty visions each time we minister at this church in Guarulhos. This is our 4th time there.

On the day 15/01/2017 we had the presence of  Pastor Mary Pat and it was a gift from God for us, especially for

God showed me two angels on either side of the Church, and those angels fired arrows into the sky and when the arrows hit the sky, the sky tore and angels were released on us.

I could also see an Angel next to PMP when she was lying on the floor, who was used to put on a embroidered mantle with flags from many countries, and the he dig a stake in the places that God will still send PMP (new countries).

When PMP was praying over people I saw an angel with a defribillater in his hand and he was applying it to people´s chest and as he did it people had their spirits renewed to fall in love with Jesus in a deeper  way.

Vision from William (worship team): he had a vision that PMP while she was praying for people and  walking around them off stage and he saw a pillar of fire behind and around her, fame was surrounding her feet as she moved around and there was a very strong smell of anointing oil.