Sunday morning blessing

Imagine turning your living room in to a church every Sunday morning! Our contact and his wife have been doing this for some time. We were privileged to join them and had an amazing worship time.  Some of the boys from the boys’ home lead a song of praise that released more of Father’s presence. Christy and Pastor Bill shared songs of worship that added to the anointing already present. Pastor Bill gave a great word on Father’s love; how to serve Jesus from a heart positioned as a son or daughter, rather than as a slave or servant. Pastor Mary Pat lead us to Isaiah 60;  arise and shine for your light has come!

Pastor Mary Pat also prayed for a man who had received a doctor’s report that he and his wife would be unable to conceive.  The curse was reversed and life from the Kingdom of Heaven was released. She encouraged this man with a testimony of someone who was healed of barrenness after she met them in the airport in one of her travels. This man’s desire was for a child. Prayer and life were released into this Brazilian couple and within a few months Pastor Mary Pat received a call from the gentleman saying that his wife was pregnant! How encouraging to hear how the Lord brings life!

One woman in the church was healed of back pain.  Another lady has had puss coming out of her ear since birth that just recently has affected her hearing.  After prayer she received an increase in her hearing and testified that her ear felt different. A mother was present who had received prayer last year for her three children, who were all deaf and mute. One was healed of deafness. Others had made sounds but speech had not come yet. Pastor Mary Pat again prayed over the three children. One of the children, a young boy, said “Mommy” and “Jesus.”  He was also able to hear his name when called, which is new! Pastor Mary Pat spoke a prophetic word over the two boys, saying that one would be a world changer who would release the Kingdom,and the other would be traveling alongside his brother. The sister, Suneetha, was not present at the time but also received prayer, and we are waiting to hear the good report!

It was such a blessed time to be back in Pastor Benjamin’s church and to see the Lord moving in our midst there.