Sunday, July 2 – Assembly of God – Mabalane

Pastor Jose, Pastor Mary Pat, Jaimie, Rachel, and Cameron traveled by foot to a church nearby and were warmly welcomed by pastors and leaders into a crowd of Mozambicans singing melodious worship to the Lord in harmony. The presence and pleasure of God was felt as we gathered together as one. Our team introduced ourselves and shared encouraging words of love and affection, including what a blessing it was to be under one roof in the name of the Lord. Pastor Mary Pat went on to preach on Ephesians 2:10 and Mark 12:30-31, and what it looks like to fall deeply in love with Jesus. You could feel a shift in the church as the word went forth, and there was a visible change in the faces of those in attendance. Joy was spreading like wild fire as people began to have a revelation of the worth and value they carry in the eyes of their Creator. At the end, Jaimie sang a song written by Pastor Bill over the church: “Can you hear the song, it’s your Father singing. Rejoicing over you, dancing over you; it’s your Father’s song”. There was no better way to end our special time with our brothers and sisters in Christ!