Sunday, July 2 – Apostolic Faith Mission – Mabalane

Sunday morning, the team divided up and visited 3 different churches. At Apostolic Faith Mission Church, the service began with beautiful worship presented by the young adult group and the church as a whole. The atmosphere was buzzing with the joy of the Lord, as we came together to sing, dance, and shout for Jesus! Troy then preached on John 15 and Brenda, Carly, Amanda, and Beth demonstrated the importance of remaining connected to the Vine so we are able to bear fruit! The message flowed into a time of the congregation crying out for a personal touch from the true Vine, Jesus. There was then an outbreak of words of knowledge and healing. Brenda shared a word about God wanting to heal hearts, and 2 women received prayer. She also gave a word about ear problems, and one woman was healed of partial deafness in both ears and another of deafness, ringing, and pain in one ear! A man was also healed of pain near his ear/jaw. Carly then released a word about a recent loss of a loved one, to which 9 women slowly responded and came to the front for prayer. We again worshipped on our way out, thanking God for His outpouring of love!