Sunday January 27: Powerful ministry in 4 different churches!

On Sunday morning half the mission team went with Pastor Bill to Comunidade da Graca in Braganca Paulista, SP Brazil. He introduced the team and had the dance team combined with Brazilians and Americans perform. Pastor Bill gave his message about being like a child and experiencing the joy of the Lord. He spoke about how really big God is and stepping into what the Holy Spirit has for us. He talked about Dunamis power, and it is like dynamite. Pastor Bill then sang Deliverer and then had the team come up to pray for the congregation. Churches like these are there for their followers, they want them to hear the word of the lord and feel comfort. In some cases, parishioners want to give and ‘tithe’ to help the church, because of this, there are now church-based apps such as that can connect everyone together from near and far, knowing that they always have someone there to listen.

Joshua prayed for healing for a man who had pain in his right knee and for a man with arthritis in his joints. They both felt improved after prayer. He also prayed for a woman that had pain in her liver area for the past 18 years. She felt better after prayer as well. Joe prayed for a two youth pastors that asked for the Holy Spirit fill their ministry. Haylla prayed for a woman that had vision in only one eye, and had 10% vision in the other. She stated she received healing and her vision had improved. Ashley prayed for a couple that had a company and needed more business. Later we found out it was Ines’ brother’s business, and the next day that his company had an increase. Cheri prayed for a woman that had a tumor on back and she stated that she felt the touch of the Lord on the tumor. Denny prayed for a man that had arm pain and he stated he was instantly healed.

The other members of the team headed to another branch of Comunidade da Graca in a different part of Braganca with Pastor Mary Pat. Near the beginning of the service, Pastor Mary Pat gave a word about the power of God and giving Him our whole life – 100%. She gave a call for whoever wanted to serve the Lord 100% to stand up and most of the church was on their feet. As she prayed with them, the church joined her in speaking out their desire to serve the Lord fully. There was also a call for salvation and several people gave their lives to Jesus. Joquebedi then played the guitar while her and Janiel led the congregation in singing about the Love of God. Pastor Mary Pat then preached the main message from passages in 1st and 2nd Peter that elaborated on the word from earlier about giving God 100%. As the team came up to pray for various pains and sicknesses, the Lord moved in His healing power! Troy had a word of knowledge about a right shoulder and 3 people testified that their shoulders were healed after prayer! Pastor Mauro’s father came up for prayer and testified that after prayer, he could not only see better but hear better as well!

We also got to pray for a very special young man named Gabriel, who needed assistance to the front due to an illness that he had for 7 years. He was a very sweet young man. As Pastor Mary Pat prayed for him, he said he could feel heat in his body in different places. He also said that after prayer, he no longer felt any pain in his neck or his side. Glory to God! Once both services ended, we met back at the main church and enjoyed a delicious lunch together that the church prepared for us.

Sunday evening the team was split up again. Joquebedi and Joe went with Pastor Bill to one church. The rest of the team went with Pastor Mary Pat to a church we have visited often named Redimidos. As we walked into the church and the worship team was playing, we could sense the fiery presence of God. Pastor Mary Pat began her message sharing about a testimony from when she was in Cote d’Ivoire and prayed for a young boy who had a deathly sickness, but after prayer was completely healed. After he was healed, he heard the Lord’s calling to be a missionary. She talked about how a repentant lifestyle will bring in the glory of God and we need to see his glory for revival to come! Jesus is coming back for people who prepare the way and stop for the one. She began ministry time with a call to the front. She gave a call for people who wanted to live this type of lifestyle. Ones that want to have more fire and boldness to live for Him. She also gave a call and had people join her in prayer if they did not know Jesus. Many people came up front to receive prayer, some to receive power “to go” and some for salvation! Holy Spirit was moving powerfully as many people that were prayed for went down under his power. As the team members continued to pray, several people gave their lives to Jesus even after the call.

Sunday night Pastor Bill met with Pastor Jose and gave an encouraging word on experiencing Joy in the Holy Spirit at Comindade Crita para Todos os Provos. Pastor Bill spoke about going to the nations and also gave a testimony about a boy who was healed in Ivory Coast. After his message Pastor Bill sang about deliverance and then prayed for multiple people. He prayed over several families, and pregnant mothers. He specifically prayed for a woman who was suffering from depression and felt she was living in darkness. After prayer her face lit up as she said she felt peace and warmth as she felt the touch of the Holy Spirit.