Sunday February 3: Ministry at Casa de Deus and Impartation

We had the privilege to worship with our Casa de Jesus family this morning! Before the service started there was a breakfast to celebrate Pastor Dirceu’s birthday!
After a time of exciting worship, we presented Pastor Dirceu with an orchid for his birthday. It was two orchids in one bowl.  After Troy presented the orchids, he used it as an illustration and gave a message about the importance of unity.  Just as the orchids were two separate flowers yet planted in the same bowl, we were designed to be one with the Father, one with each other, one in marriage, etc.  It also symbolizes the relationship (past, present, and future) between Frontline Ministries and Casa de Jesus/Iris Brasil.  Many people came forward for prayer for general needs after the message.  One woman who had received healing for neck pain the previous Wednesday, was immediately healed of stomach pain as Denny prayed with her.  Ines, Joshua and Joquebedi all had a chance to encourage and pray with Hobson’s father for full commitment of his life to Jesus and healing of emotional pain related to his wife’s death over 16 years ago.  Others received more of Holy Spirit as they were prayed for at the front.

In the children’s room, they enjoyed leftover cake from the party in the morning. Audrey, Amanda and Tiana taught the children again about how God can use young people. This time they used the example of Samuel. They explained how he heard the voice of God calling his name and how they can hear him too as his children.
They were encouraged during a time of soaking to take time to listen to His voice, and draw or write what they heard him say. Many of the children wrote that he said he loves them. One young lady heard clear affirmations from him that He will always love her, never hide from her and that she has victory, blessing and can conquer things through Him!

In the afternoon, Dr. Ines Nunez shared her heart of gratitude for the team and the history of relationship we share in the Kingdom working together for so many years.  She shared from Isaiah 58 about the power of the fast God chooses and fasting’s impact on God moving here in the favelas.

After this, part of the team returned to finish the painting project at Casa de Jesus in City of God.