Sunday Church in Manado

The team split up Sunday morning to cover two churches in Manado.  Lawrence visited the island of Manado Tua.  After a quick 20 minute speedboat ride to the church located on a separate island Lawrence shared testimony of the previous two days conference. The church was excited to hear testimony about God’s miraculous healing power and His great love for His children. Lawrence shared about God’s willingness to stop for the individual child and impart His heart as he used the previous night of ministry with Tania’s father as an example.

Another part of the team visited a charismatic church located in a mall in downtown Manado.  The people of this church were visibly hungry for more of the Lord.  There was a stirring in the atmosphere as Pastor Mary Pat preached on 2 Chronicles 16:9, regarding the Lord searching the earth looking for hearts that are completely His.  Pastor Mary Pat invited any in the congregation who desired to receive more of the Lord to come forward.   As the presence of God became very strong, almost the whole congregation rushed forward for prayer.  The fire of God fell on all who came forward, as they cried out for more.  It was a precious time of seeing a company of believers so filled up and encouraged by the Holy Spirit.