Stop for the One

Gerson, who is 18 years old, works for the local gang as one of their sentinels (guard of drug trafficking). Our team had been greeting him daily while walking by him and inviting him to come to various outreaches. Troy was able to establish a quick friendship with him which led to Gerson coming to our night worship time in front of the soup kitchen/clinic. Gerson shared about having grown up in an orphanage from 10 years to 18 years of age. In October he turned eighteen. He moved out of the orphanage and first lived on the street and then with a friend. Before this job, he was delivering water. He was unable to earn enough money delivering water so he somewhat regretfully started this job. His never imagined that he would ever end up having such a “dishonorable” job. After hearing the Good News of Jesus and how He can help him, Gerson prayed to receive Christ right there in the street. The Holy Spirit spoke to Pastor Dirceu to offer to Gerson to be his spiritual father. This deeply touched Gerson since he had recently lost his father. Since then, Gerson has expressed his desire to leave the gang and get a job that doesn’t involve this type of work.