Stomach, head pain healed

Many salvations at the drama sight and healings at the church were evident tonight. After separating the many people and children at the church into three groups, we divided ourselves into our SEALS groups and discipled the people for over half an hour. They loved the teaching. We spent at least half an hour before we had to leave, praying individually for people who needed some form of healing. All healings are a miracle from God but one woman I prayed for tonight stands out. She was a young woman who just had a baby within the last week or so. Her stomach was disdended and the little baby was wrapped on her back. She wanted prayer for a bad headache and stomach pains and ache that has continued for several days. I first made sure she was a Chrisitan and also asked about idols within her household and anything else that was associated with the idol. Ninety five percent of the people in Togo have idols in their houses and/or worship them outside their house. I instructed her to burn, bury, or smash any of these things tonight after they returned home. Only then did I pray for her. Through the interpretor she told me she was completely healed and had no more pain! We both praised the Lord for his kindness and love!