Spreading the Good News!

On March 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, Frontline Ministries International will have its first conference here in Indonesia.  It is called “Kindgom Invasion” and will be held at Bethel Church in Jakarta.  Radio broadcasts, flyer distribution in churches and universities, and plans to have the conference advertised on a jumbotron near the church are all underway! We are excited to see the Lord draw people to Himself during this conference. Thank you for joining us in prayer that many would come and receive an impartation from the Lord.

Tonight, Michelle and Troy went out to a nearby university to post conference flyers and see what the Lord would do. As we were posting the flyers for next weeks’ “Kingdom Invasion” conference, we asked a young engineering student if he was struggling with any sickness in his body. He shared that he was fighting a form of tuberculosis that effects the lymphatic system. As we prayed, he testified that he felt energy and power flowing through his body. Thank You Holy Spirit for touching this man!  We are believing he will be able to come to the conference to receive more impartation.