Skate for Jesus…Street Evangelism

Every day we have seen the young people enjoying their skateboards in the nearby park. It seemed to be the Lord’s timing to go there on our last day. While Mike led in a worship song with his guitar, the rest of the team started conversations with the youth around and invited them to come watch a dance and drama. They all came and watched as our team danced to the song “Feeling So Fly”. While some laughed at our dance and drama, it was obvious that they were wondering what a group of “gringos” was doing here in their area.

After the drama, Bethany gave a clear call to relationship with the Father.  No one accepted at that moment…so several team members shared a little more of the amazing love that the Father has for them. It was clear that they were listening closely, but they were not going to say yes as a group. Team members began ministering to different people individually and hearts began to open. One young man shared that his mother was in prison and his father was dead so he had started using drugs at age 9 to deal with it. After hearing of the freedom that he could receive from Jesus, he prayed for salvation and to be free of his addiction. Two other women responded to the prayers of our ladies and were encouraged to pursue a path with the Lord. One of our contacts is friends with some of these people and he said that he was happy to see them hearing the truth and that they were all really listening. We thank You, Lord,  for salvation today and more harvest coming from the seeds sown.