Second Night of Crusades

The team began the 2nd night of crusades with a miracle!  When we arrived to the crusade site, there was heavy rain. Only a few people were there.  The team prayer walked around grounds, calling for the rains to cease so that more crowds could come receive the message of hope.  As our local worship team began singing praises, the rains slowed and by the time the team started doing some dramas, the rain had completely stopped!  Thank you God!  By this time, an even larger crowd had gathered than on the previous night.

The team performed a series of dramas about God’s desire to capture our hearts, and about how God’s power can operate in our lives to take authority over the devil.  Pastor Bill then preached a message about Jesus’ parables of the lost coin, the pearl of great price, and the prodigal son. The crowd listened intently to this message of love.  He gave a powerful alter call, and many came forward to receive Jesus into their hearts.  Hallelujah!

Michelle shared about God’s ability to heal all sickness and disease, calling to the front those needing a touch in their bodies.  A woman from the previous night (who had suffered a stroke) came forward testifying that tonight she had walked to the crusade grounds without her cane for the first time in a long while – she felt new strength in her body thanks to Jesus!   Another woman testified with tears in her eyes that during the healing prayer she felt a physical heaviness lift off her chest – heaviness brought on by intense grief from the death of multiple relatives this past year.  A man testified that intestinal pains he had been suffering from immediately left during the healing prayer.  Praise the Lord for His amazing love for His children.

Lawrence led in a time of prayer over the children and youth in the village. As all of them came forward responding to an invitation to receive more of God’s love and power the children heard about all the treasurers that God has in Heaven for them. Lawrence shared about the destiny and plans God has for their lives then imparted God’s fire as he layed hands on each of them. They were source of inspiration to the rest of the people in the village as Lawrence made the same challenge to the adults. In response to the children’s desire for more the adults were given an invitation to come forward for prayer and deliverance. A powerful prayer was released for God’s freedom to reign down over the people of Manado. God’s love continues to pursue the hearts of every person in the village.