Second house gathering– more Lord!

Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat preached and then both began prophetically singing over the 20 people that were gathered for our second house meeting.  Words of knowledge and prophetic words were accurately shared with many.

A man with a heart problem felt heat on his face and began to drip in sweat because the fire of God was so strong on him.  He testified that he felt a change and is going back to the doctor next week for testing.

An older married couple, who had been married for 50 years, prayed to receive Jesus and for reconciliation of their marriage with much needed forgiveness taking place.
Miko a ten year boy whose was having some eye pains for two days received relief after receiving prayer from Troy.

Troy released a prophetic word signifying both the favor of the Lord and increased unity in ministry and relationship for a couple who pastor a church. Pastor Mary Pat added more words of encouragement.

Pastor Mary Pat prayed over one lady who had struggled with cancer and a skin condition.  She fell to the floor as she received deliverance from spiritual oppression.  As Ina continued to pray for her, Ina saw a glowing yellow material covering her skin, bringing strength and protection.
Anna, a muslim,  went down under the power of the Holy Spirit and was healed of acid reflux.

A man with back problems went down in the Spirit as Pastor Mary Pat and Troy prayed for him.  When he stood up, his back was improved.

As Troy prayed for two ladies with eye problems, both saw an immediate improvement; one of a partially detached retina and the other lady had a problem with her ability to focus her eyes.

Another lady had knee and stomach problems; she went down to the floor as God touched her.

Ina’s parents gave their lives to Jesus as Pastor Mary Pat talked and prayed with both of them.  Ina’s mom believes that Jesus has healed her very intense physical conditions as well.