SEALS Outreach in Sawla

During our first morning in Sawla, our team was able to meet split up into our SEALS groups, which are small group ministry teams.  We left our compound and began walking through the trails, praying that the Lord would lead us to the people He desired for us to meet with.

As we stopped at one house, Drew, Jenna, and Rick met three men who were on their way to have lunch at the restaurant adjacent to our compound.  Seizing the opportunity in front of them, they began sharing about Christ’s love with them and how the Lord had changed their lives.  The men were very interested, and listened attentively as the group shared their testimonies.  These men saw and stated that they did not have a personal relationship with the Lord as the group shared, but wanted to hear more.

When the group offered to pray with the men to receive salvation, two agreed and prayed to give their lives to the Lord.  Their faces lit up as the Lord touched their hearts and filled them with His Spirit.  They shared with them about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and prayed to receive that, with one man beginning to speak in tongues.  We thank the Lord for this opportunity to share the Gospel with these men and for showing His love to them.  Pray that the third man will continue to remember the truth shared with Him and that He will also come to know the love and forgiveness of the Father.