Saturday, November 23, 2019 – Ghana

On Saturday morning, while Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary were in leadership meetings, the team led a time of worship for the KBS participants that hadn’t yet gone back to their villages. Josh started us out with several Ghanaian songs, then led everyone in several upbeat praise songs. It was a joyful time, as we got the Ghanaians to join us in a demonstration of freedom that went beyond what they typically display. We had so much fun shouting that JESUS is the friend of sinners, and twirling around in a dance of praise. From there, we moved into deep worship, then ended by praying over everyone for fire and baptism in the Spirit. A group of people testified that they had received a new spiritual language, including a group of young boys that had been deeply touched by the Lord’s love during the week.

Later in the evening, we held a special meeting to encourage a group of the church leaders and others who are on fire for the Lord. Pastor Mary Pat shared a very important teaching on how to walk in unity, submission, and humility, so that we are all working together like spokes in a wheel. Each team member also shared from their heart. This group of evangelists were so encouraged to keep moving forward together to do the work of the Kingdom. We are trusting that we will hear many testimonies from this group even after we leave!