Saturday, November 16, 2019 – Ghana

Our team has been continually reminded of how intentional our God is! Friday morning, we packed our van and prepared for the long journey to Sawla, Ghana. We still had a number of French “Heart of the Father” letters, which was a message of love that God gave to PMP to write out several years ago. We have since translated it into many languages. It expresses God’s heart for us as His children and also lays out the Gospel, explaining that Jesus is the only one that can restore our relationship with this loving Father. As we traveled along, we were stopped at a number of routine police checkpoints, and as she felt led, Pastor Mary Pat would hand the letters out to the police officers. When we got to the border checkpoint, she connected with the chief officer, who was excited to share that he also was a Christian, and readily gave her permission to pass them out to all of the officers at the border. After reading the letter, the one stamping our passports pointed to it, and then pointed to his heart, and said “Thank you. Thank you very much.” We could tell that he was so touched by this simple expression of God’s love!

As we crossed into Ghana, the sun was setting, so Pastor Samuel thought it would be best to stop for the night in the nearby town of Sampa. He and Josh went on a scounting mission to find a place for us to spend the night. At one of the places they stopped at, the receptionist shared that she was suffering from malaria so Josh took the opportunity to pray for her. We are trusting that God will bring healing to her!

Saturday morning we got back on the road, and had the opportunity to share in communion on the bus. This is always a good way to dive into the Word of God together as a team and glean from what God is speaking to each team member. After being on the road for about 9 hours, we reached Sawla! Just as we were about to turn onto our land, we hit a large pothole and heard a hissing noise, indicative of a flat tire. The tire had just enough air to get us down the long driveway and park right in front of our missionary housing. We praised God that we didn’t have any prior car troubles and that He got us all the way here!