Saturday Morning, July 1 – Combomune

A new month and a new beginning for many Mozambicans! There was no doubt that this day was the Lord’s day, and we knew God was going to do even more on our second day in Combomune. After breakfast, the team walked from hut to hut to minister to and invite people to that evening’s crusade. Pastor Lazarus, Pastor Julio, Amalia, and Florida (two wonderful women who joined us from Mabalane) were a tremendous help during this time, as they translated for us into the local language. A woman very near to our camp site was suffering from an unknown cause, and was struggling to even stand and walk from pains all over her body. The team prayed for her and she started to feel better and said she wanted to come to the crusade! Many others were prayed for, healed, encouraged, and invited. It was a privilege to be used by God in such a way, to see Him stop for those precious ones, and demonstrate His love and compassion. After this, the team spent some time in their SWAT groups, learning from and encouraging one another.