Saturday, February 8, 2020- Brazil

We had the privilege of being part of The Send Brazil at the Morumbi Stadium, 10am – 10pm.

“The moment I walked into the stadium I was overwhelmed by the Lords presence. It’s hard to put into words how it felt to be surrounded by tens of thousands of Brazilians who are completely sold out to Jesus. The passion that was there touched my heart so deeply and I have a fresh fire stirring in me for the gospel to go forth into all the nations.” – Audrey

“When Todd White shared about our identity in Christ as sons and daughters that really impacted me in a new and deeper way. Also, the worship throughout was off the charts incredible, heavenly and powerful. It felt like heaven!”- Mike

“President was born again.  Brazil is currently 2nd in number of missionaries sent out of their country.  There was a call for an increase.  The average age of attendance at the Send was 24 years old, they spent an hour praying for young people to rise up as leaders in high schools and universities.”- Haley

“the hunger in Brazil led to over 100k ppl coming to the send, who were touched powerfully, many committed to go, near 1k healed & 4k  rededicated!”- Denny

“The send was an amazing experience. I will never forget worshiping alongside  my Brazilian brothers and sisters in the rain. Calling a nation of young people to be sent out for the gospel. I believe this event is going to mark Brazil for generations.”- Stephanie

“The moment I walked in to the stadium, I was so overwhelmed with joy I began to weep! Thousands of Brazilians filled the stadium in worship and in prayer! It was beautiful to get a glimpse of the revival the Lord is doing right now in Brazil!”- Tiana

“Walking into the stadium I saw thousands of people gathered together worshiping Jesus and it brought tears to my eyes to see & hear the overwhelming praises rising up to the throne. Brazil has been marked by God to send out missionaries to the ends of the earth and they were on fire, declaring they were willing to answer the great commission. Also, I was so glad to hear Todd White’s message that their President was born again & all prayed for him to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.”- Cheri