Saturday Church Service

In the evening, the team and a handful of young adults from Heliopolis piled into a bus and headed to Pastor Dirceu’s church, Casa de Jesus, for their Saturday worship service.  It was exciting to greet our old friends and reconnect.  After enjoying an anointed time of worship, each of the team members shared a word the Lord had put on their heart for the church, and then Rachel preached a timely message on faith, sharing a personal testimony from Mozambique, and connecting this testimony to the account of Rahab in the Bible, and why her faith was so profound.  Michelle, Deanne, and Amy shared a worship dance and then Rachel prayed powerfully for the church, inviting anyone with a prayer need to come forward to receive.

Many people were touched by the Holy Spirit.  Tiana prayed for a church member’s knees, and he reported the next day that they were completely better, as evidenced by the fact that he was dancing around the sanctuary.  Theresa and Michelle prayed for a woman who had been suffering from clinical depression for 17 years.  As we prayed, the joy of the Holy Spirit came upon her and she started laughing and crying, releasing all of the pain.  She was very encouraged and we believe the Lord healed her of depression!