Samora Crusade

-July 24

The stars shined brightly above us as we stepped off the bus into Samora, a beautiful African village. Men, women, and children gathered around as we set up our sound equipment and lights in preparation for the evening’s service. As the African church members began to sing in their native language, our team was able to unite with them in worship as we danced before the Lord and celebrated His goodness together.

After worship, we were able to perform “The Heart Skit,” a short drama that demonstrates the love of God and His heart for all people. Many team members shared on the love of God that Christ demonstrated to us, and we welcomed the people to come forward to receive salvation. We also had the opportunity to pray for healing and other needs in the lives of the people. The Lord loves to demonstrate His love to all people, and we are so privileged to be able to see Him work in the lives of these precious ones.

-July 25

The Father’s love began to fill our hearts as we arrived at our first crusade site in Mozambique this year. As we looked into the eyes of a crowd of over six-hundred people, we cried out to the Lord that He would touch each one in a personal way that night. Excitement continued to rise as our African church family led worship, our FMI team performed dramas, and many team members shared from their hearts.

Pastor Mary Pat was able to share the Gospel message, the power of the cross for salvation for all people. Arms shot into the air as three-hundred people declared that they wanted to give their hearts to the King of kings, allowing Him to truly reign in their lives.

Michelle and Andy were then able to share on the Lord’s healing power, and they invited those with sickeness or pain to come forward for prayer. Our team then laid hands on each person, praying that God would send His healing touch as He showed His deep love for the people. A wave of His presence and power swept through the crusade ground, as five women and two men testified of the Lord’s healing power in their legs. How exciting to see them jumping up and down, declaring and demonstrating the goodness of God! Praise and worship continued to rise throughout the night as the Lord continued to touch His people, drawing many into His kingdom as well as meeting the needs of their hearts and bodies. May His Name continue to go forth as His glory fills the whole earth!

-July 26

“Come to the crusade tonight! We will have music, drama, preaching, and praying! Come, bring all your friends!” Our team broke up into small ministry groups on Wednesday afternoon to invite everyone to come to the crusade in the evening. We were so excited at what God had done the night before, and we wanted everyone to come and experience the love of God.

When we arrived at our crusade site, we felt a greater challenge in the spirit and a higher level of warfare. Amidst the crowd, a small group had formed that began to mock the Lord and what He was doing that night through the dramas, preaching, and prayer. Our hearts were stirred to continue in worship and prayer, knowing that the Lord would demonstrate Himself and silence the enemy’s mouth.

Pastor Mary Pat spoke on the Biblical account of Jesus’ healing of two blind men, and then called forth for anyone who was blind to come forward for prayer. After the team laid hands on a man, he testified that he was able to see better than he had seen before. As the testimony went forth of God’s healing power and the Lord’s Name was lifted up, the mockings and accusations ceased. The Lord truly demonstrated His power, glory, and honor before all men.

Our team also spent much time in prayer for Jose’, a man we had brought to the crusade in our bus. Our team had met him earlier in the day, and found out that he had been sick since 1984. Because he was not able to hear well, see well, or walk at all, his wife worked to support the family. His daughter told us earlier in the day that Jose’ never leaves his house due to his condition. That evening, our team surrounded him and lifted him up in prayer, asking that the Kingdom of God would come down and touch Him powerfully. After prayer, he testified that he was able to see clearly, when before he stated that his sight was very poor. Nikki stood behind his right ear then and softly said, “Jose’,” and he could hear! Andy stood behind his left ear and spoke. Jose’ testified that his left ear was not completely healed, but it was better than before. He then began to move his right leg, bringing it up and down. He looked excitedly at us as he extended his leg, when before he could only move his legs with his hands.

When Jose’ came to the crusade, he appeared very sad and broken. After receiving such a powerful touch from God and experiencing His healing power, Jose’ left the crusade a different man. It was such a joy to see His face lit up with excitement, joy, and thanksgiving as the Lord touched His heart and body. We praise God for all He has done in the lives of the people in Samora. What a mighty God we serve!