Salvations, Healing, and Deliverance in Port Herique

Many Mozambicans came the first night as we set up our sound system and lights, preparing for a time of music, singing, dancing, dramas, and preaching in Port Herique.  When the Gospel was presented, nearly 50 people responded by raising their hands and praying to give their lives to Jesus.  It was awesome to see so many respond to the love of God and the power of His Spirit.  The excitement continued to build as we were able to pray for healing, and many testified of headaches, back pain, and breathing problems being healed.  One woman actually came forward for pain in her back, and found that after the prayer she was able to see better.  God always knows what He’s doing!

During our second night of crusade, it was clear that many in the crowd would come face to face with a decision that would change their lives.  Many in Port Herique and the surrounding area have been involved in witchcraft, and much freedom is needed in this area.
Knowing this, Pastor Mary Pat was able to illustrate the bondage that the enemy wants to put people in, using a wooden chain to reinforce the message.  However, as she began to boldly declare the Good News of Jesus Christ and the freedom that only He can bring, the crowd began to stir.  So many were desperate for this life and liberty that was being offered.

Slowly and deliberately, Pastor Mary Pat began to draw a line in the sand.  “Who wants to turn to Jesus?  Who wants to give up witchcraft and have freedom in their lives?  If you want Jesus and are willing to turn away from witchcraft, come stand on the right side of this line!”

As the call went forth, nearly the whole village stood up and began moving to the right.  One hundred and fifty people indicated that they had been involved in some form of witchcraft, but were now willing to leave that all behind and give their lives fully to Jesus Christ.

It was an incredible sight to see so many in this village take a stand for the Lord and receive salvation and deliverance.  Pray that God will continue to move powerfully throughout this village and that the people there will remain strong in their faith.