Salvations, deaf healed in Sengere

Our team loaded the bus to head to a village named Sengere where we would be presenting the gospel through a crusade.  As we got near to our destination, thick clouds began to form and soon heavy rain was pouring down.  Our team rose up in prayer to see God part the skies for our drama site and contended together, boldly saying, “Peace! Be Still!”.  We pulled up to Sengere and the rain was continuing to pour down with strong winds.  We pressed in, believing that God would perform a miracle.  Our God just so happens to be brilliant!  Because it was raining, all of the villagers were huddled and gathered together by the hundreds under the roofs of the buildings right in front of where we were setting up.  It was market day and many of the people that had been there for the market were now trapped by the rain.  So when we stepped off the bus the rain all of a sudden ceased and the drops were barely noticeable on our skin!  Our fierce team members assumed their positions for our first drama called ‘Released’ and the Ghanians immediately rushed along the sides and began to pay attention very intently.  The drama was very powerful and displayed the work of the cross which engaged all the viewers.  Soon after, Pastor Bill preached the gospel & approximately 130 people received Jesus as their Savior!  There were actually a few Muslims who had joined in the prayer of salvation as well!  Pastor Mary Pat then shared of God’s love and how His son was sent to set the captives free from sicknesses and diseases.  After laying hands on those who indicated that they were in pain, the Ghanaians were able to testify of Jesus healing them!  Many had expressed that their hip and leg pain had left, and others had painful stomach symptoms leave as well.  One boy, in particular, was deaf since birth and at first was very hesitant to receive prayer.  He was finally led to Pastor Mary Pat and had hands laid on him.  After a few minutes of praying for this boy’s hearing to be restored and testing him by clapping and covering his eyes, the boy responded and received complete healing in both of His ears!!!  Several people surrounding him witnessed the goodness of God, joining in celebrating the miracle our gracious King performed while the young boy broke out in tears, overwhelmed by what had just happened!  It was powerful night of salvation, healing, and the release of prisoners!  Praise God!