Salvation on the Streets, in Bars, and Along the Way – Divine Appointments

Today the team got to experience how faithful God is to provide for every one of our needs while abundantly blessing everyone around us during that process! We started our travels northbound and on the way our bus started overheating. We made our way to the nearest city to get it fixed and also repair one of our broken crusade speakers. While the speaker was being fixed in the market, Andy, Lawrence, and Troy were able to share Jesus with some people at a bar and 4 people received Jesus. Meanwhile, Justin, Denny, and Andrew talked to a man sitting right outside of a store near our bus. After sharing about God’s love, Jorge prayed to receive Jesus for the first time!

Denny and Andrew ministered to a man who had stomach and skin problems with Troy translating. During the prayer, he began to manifest demons and fell down to the ground. As the Holy Spirit was freeing him, he was finally able to say that he wanted Jesus and prayed to receive salvation. The Lord freed him from other ties to witchcraft and the false Universal church. When we found out that he didn’t own a Bible, we gave him one and had him read from the book of John.

During this time, Bethany imparted to a lady whose name is Rose. Before the lady even told Bethany her name, she prophesied that God sees her as a rose and is so precious to Him. Rose knew God was showing her that message by sending a stranger from a distant country to tell her that. Bethany also prayed to bless her job and family. Many other salvations and God encounters occurred at the gas station, supermarket, and the side of the road.

After those few planned and unplanned stops, we hit the road and continued our journey northward. However, plans changed again when our bus overheated due to a bad part. The mechanic was several hours out so the team felt led to “invade” a small nearby bar. Troy became friends with the bar owner and he let us do some dramas and preach the Gospel in front of all of his patrons. Eleven of them raised their hands when Justin and Carly invited them to give up their lives to Jesus. One man who had two wives recommitted his life and prayed with us to see new freedom in many areas of his life. He was eager to start attending church again the next (Sunday) morning! At nearly every stop, we got a chance to see people’s lives touched by the power of God!